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WARNING: For purchase you MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL with Stripe and AIPRM login.

NEW: For Teams and Businesses we now also have the Business Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Looking for the basic plan?

    AIPRM does not offer the AIPRM Basic plan anymore. We found it was not attractive enough for our users.

  • Looking for higher limits? No problem.

    Simply purchase a plan multiple times or mix and match different plans. With 2x AIPRM Pro, you'll get 10 Private Lists while maintaining the same 16-item capacity per list.

    But here's the kicker: not all limits are created equal. For example, the number of "List Items" and "Upcoming Prompts" take the largest number from your plans, not simply adding quotas together.

    On the other hand, the number of Private Prompt Templates and Private Lists are cumulative and can be expanded by purchasing multiple plans.

    So go ahead, buy as many plans as you need to meet your goals. You can also cancel any plan at any time.

    A 2nd example:

    You want to store 46 Private Prompt Templates. Just a tad more than AIPRM Pro allows.

    That's just $43 with

    40 from 1x AIPRM Pro @ $33
    10 from 1x AIPRM Plus @ $10
    50 total Private Prompt Templates

  • Looking for a better deal?

    Sorry AIPRM does not offer discount coupons or any other rebates.

    AIPRM also does not offer any other kind of custom prices.

    If it's not on your pricing page, then you cannot buy it.

  • Are you ready to take your AIPRM account to the next level? Do you want to maximize your results and achieve even greater success? Then it's time to upgrade to a bigger plan.

    With a bigger plan, you'll have access to more features and higher quota. Imagine what you could achieve with these powerful tools at your fingertips.

    It's easy to make the switch. Simply purchase the bigger plan and cancel your current plan. It's that simple.

    So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to a bigger plan today and start achieving your goals like never before.
    Please note: Pro-rata or partial refunds are not available.

  • If you're considering downgrading to a smaller plan, we understand your desire to save money.

    With a smaller plan, you can probably still have access to all features you need to achieve your goals, but at a lower cost. Plus, you won't be paying for features you don't use.

    Making the switch is simple. Just purchase the smaller plan and cancel your current plan. It's that easy.
    Please note: Pro-rata or partial refunds are not available.

  • Community Prompts are prompt templates that the AIPRM Community has published and voted on. And while these prompt templates have gotten a lot of feedback from the community, they have not been engineered or tested by AIPRM.

    Community Prompts are the prompts that made AIPRM famous. They are the "classic" AIPRM Prompts.

    AIPRM Verified Prompts take it to the next level with Prompt Templates tested and maintained by AIPRM.

  • AIPRM Verified Prompts are prompts that the AIPRM team has verified, and maintains actively. These are prompt templates that have been engineered and tested with our team, in close collaboration with the Prompt Template Authors.

    AIPRM Verified Prompts do not contain ad links or other solicitations in output.

    AIPRM Verified Prompts are tested with multiple inputs and styles, guaranteed to work by AIPRM, and actively maintained. Unlike Community Prompts, where the Prompt Template author may not have put in enough experience and time, these are "production-level" Prompt templates.

  • You can save prompt template for your private use. The higher the plan, the more private prompt templates you can store and use.

    You can also purchase a plan multiple times, or combine different plans, and the limit will accumulate.

    For example if you have a Plus Plan and Pro Plan you can store the sum of the number of Private Prompts for both.

  • You can "star" a Prompt Template and add it to your "Favorites", the "Favorites List".

  • In higher plans you have additional private custom Lists, give them names and organize your work with that.

    For example you could create one list for "Copywriting", one for "Legal work" and one for "Web Development" in the AIPRM Pro plan.

    so it's just other private you create. So just like the "special" private lists for "Favorites" and "Hidden", but your own.
    The AIPRM Pro plan has 5 private lists, 1 for "Favorite" feature, 1 for the "Hide Prompt" feature and 3 for custom lists for use by you.

  • All your own lists are private Lists, including "Favorites", "Hidden" and any other customer lists you create.

  • Sometimes you want to get Prompt templates out of sight immediately. This is what this feature is for.

    The Hide Prompt Template feature using 1 (special) Favorites List and is therefore available from the AIPRM Plus plan and up.

  • AIPRM had a button to make ChatGPT continue writing from the start. The Power Continue is as extension of that and provides actions to expand, simplify or shorten the output.

    From the AIPRM Pro plan you can customize the Power Continue actions with your own.

  • AIPRM has two convenient selectors to influence the tone and the writing style of your result. Just like selecting the language you can change the tone and style!

    From the AIPRM Pro plan you can customize the Tone & Writing Styles with your own.

  • An "Upcoming Prompt" is a prompt that you published, that has not the minimum of 5 other users who upvoted it.

    Usually you can only set 1 prompt to public as "Upcoming Prompt" and have to wait for it go win 5 or more votes.

    In higher plans you can set more Prompts to public.

  • Price indexation means that the subscription price you signed up for will be increased on an annual basis, depending on the terms in our billing agreement. This is very similar to how prices for other services increase over time, like your phone plan, or your internet plan.

    The increased price will be billed from the first billing date in the new calendar year. For example, if you signed up on 1st of May 2023 for an annual plan, then the increased price will be charged on 1st of May 2024. If you purchase a monthly subscription, then the increased price will be charged on the first day of January 2024.

  • With the View Prompt Source feature you have a convenient way to view the source of any Prompt Template in AIPRM.

  • With the "Fork Prompt" feature you can clone a Public Prompt to a Private Prompt and edit for yourself. “Forking a Prompt” means making a copy of a Public Prompt that someone else has created, so that you can work on it in private, with changes only visible to you. It’s like making a photocopy of a book, so you can write notes in the margins without damaging the original. Think of it like this: Imagine someone has written a really cool story in a book, but you want to make some changes to it and create your own version of the story. Instead of writing your own story from scratch, you can make a copy of the original book (Forking the Prompt), make your changes to your copy (editing the forked Prompt), and keep the original book intact (the original Prompt). In short, forking a Prompt allows you to make a copy of someone else’s work, so you can modify it without affecting the original work.

AIPRM only sells in US Dollar. All prices listed exclude local sales taxes like VAT and are added at checkout. EU reverse charge is not supported. All sales are non-refundable. All customers can test the free version for an unlimited time, before deciding to purchase the premium product with higher quotas. All prices are subject to price indexation per our terms. All services delivered by AIPRM, Corp. Delaware, US according to the terms and billing agreement confirmed with the purchase.