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So you need a prompt to use with AIPRM. Just let ChatGPT make it for you.  Hover to see details.

It will fill in the tags and is ready to insert as prompt template.

Example input:
a prompt to create a viral tweet based on a topic

"Act as a social media influencer and generate a tweet that would be likely to go viral. Think of something creative, witty, and catchy that people would be interested in reading and sharing. Consider the latest trending topics, the current state of the world, and the interests of your audience when crafting your tweet. Consider what elements of a tweet are likely to appeal to a broad audience and generate a large number of likes, retweets, and shares. My first tweet topic would be [PROMPT]. The target language is [TARGETLANGUAGE]"

It will find what kind of professional is needed for your task and then create a prompt around this professional.

Prompt Hint

[Describe prompt]


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