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GPT "⭐️ Digital Product Listing Description Wizard ⭐️"

by Jamesha Bazemore


[Updated July 12, 2024] - I can help you optimize your product listing with relevant keywords. I'll ask questions to create a title, description, features, benefits, FAQs, target customers, and keywords. []

Conversation Starters

Please help me write my product listing. Please ask me to describe what I am selling or to upload the digital product that I am offering for you to analyze before writing the listing description. Please make sure to ask me one question at a time following your system instructions to help me write my listing. Also, please provide 5 examples for each question that you ask, acknowledging my input. Thank you!

I need a disclosure for my AI art or prompt guide that aligns with Etsy's policy on AI prompt bundles. Please confirm if I am selling art or prompts. Also, refer to your knowledge base for Etsy's stance on AI creations. Please incorporate terms like "final artwork," "art," "AI Prompt Bundle," etc., to comply with Etsy's requirements and prevent my listing from being deactivated. If my response is that I am selling AI Prompts or AI Prompt Bundles, you are to ask me if I am including the final artwork. If I say yes, you are to proceed with writing the disclosure. If I say no, then you are to reply with the requirement of final artwork needing to be included with the prompts if I am selling on Etsy.

Help me write shop announcements and brand story by asking me three questions, one at a time and acknowledge my input.

Conversation starter help.

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